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How to Level up your LoL account

So you are one of many people who just made a league of legend account and want to jump right into the ranked games, but can’t do that because you have not attained the required level in the game. Below we share some great tips to guide you through the process of leveling up.

Why Level Up

Level 30 is the level that players have to attain before then can engage in ranked battles. Leveling is extremely important if you wish to experience the real depth and strategy of league of legends.

The best feature about league of legends is its competitive gameplay and a sense of community, you cannot engage in such activities until you have achieved level 30.

How long does it take

There is no definite answer for this question. The entire process can take weeks or months depending on the amount of time you invest into the game.

The leveling up depends upon how many games you play per day and how many of those games you are able to win per day. The EXP boosters used also play a key role in leveling up.

Fastest Way to level up

Using experience boosts ($5 USD) can greatly reduce the time that it would take you to attain the highest level in the game. Using several of these Boosters can help you get to your target very quickly.

Playing normal games instead of bot ones also provide a lot of bonus XP points that you would not be able to earn in a bot based game. Bot games can also be used to level up, but you would need to clock about 150 hours of gameplay to attain that level.

If you need additional help leveling up your League of Legends accounts, here’s a quick video explaining exactly, not only how to do it, but how to do it faster. Hope it helps!

3 improving tips if you have a new Smurf Account

Smurfs are league of legends accounts that can be used at tournament level. These accounts provide a great way for the players to engage in the real League of Legend gaming experience. But Smurfing is far different than the usual gameplay therefore you need to be clever to truly succeed at this level. Below we share some tips using which you can attain better success at such a high level of game play.

#1 Respect other players

Smurf account holders tend to dish a lot of abuse by flaming over the new players who tend to ask for a lot of help or tend to have a very poor gameplay. Never do such a thing.

New players can become great allies if taught properly, you can even start your own league or competition with them. Therefore whenever you are approached by new players don’t discourage them by flaming but provide them with a helping hand so they can perform better with their champion.

#2 Choosing Championships

A lot of players are very used to playing with runes and mastery’s and it can be extremely difficult for them to achieve the same level of results with champions that do not rely on runes.

Therefore in the beginning you should choose an easy champions that can function mostly without the assistance of runes of mastery’s. Some of the best choices for the beginners include Warwick, Atrox, Yi, Jax and Riven.

#3 Learn how to lose

It is part of natural progression to lose. Defeats provide you with a great opportunity so don’t get frustrated if you keep losing in the first few tries. Keep doing what you do and perfect your strategies.

Occasionally you will come across players who are better then you, so learn from their strategies and keep growing as a player.

3 Best online resources to trade League of Legend Accounts

Sometimes it is difficult to get the first step into the game, or you may not be interested in waiting a long time to finally enter into the league that you feel more comfortable with.

League of legends is a very detailed oriented game that requires a lot of investment in time and hard work to master completely. Therefore buying some Pro accounts can provide you with an initial push that you are looking for.

On the other hand selling the accounts is a great way to make some money for the time and effort that you have put into the game. Below we share some great platforms where you can sell and buy League of Legend accounts.

Elitist Gaming


A great platform to trade in smurf level accounts. The website provides the users with options to post free ads for LoL accounts and also provides the users with amazing deals on different types of accounts. The transactions are handled in a very safe and secure manner. Find them here at Elitist Gaming.

Account Warehouse


Operated from US the website provides 100% life time guarantee for all the accounts traded on this website. You can also read details about each account offerred over the web. All the accounts are verified by the admin before they are allowed to be traded on the market. A simple and great platform to enagage in a bit of LoL trading.

Player Auctions


Another great platform to enjoy trading in the LoL economy. The platform is a great place to get the best price for your accounts. Player auction adopts an E-bay like selling model where the players with the highest bid tend to fly away with the prize.